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The ThermStopper is an advanced central heating boiler management system, using real time active feedback from its sensors in conjunction with adaptive self-learning software.
The ThermStopper ensures that the boiler is always run at maximum efficiency.
The ThermStopper units front display panel and easy to use menu system allows for easy configuration of the unit, allowing rapid installation. The unit also has built-in security, allowing only authorised user to interact with the unit. The user is always able to see the current status of the boiler, and the unit will alert the user if the sensors detect a fault in the heating system.
Using the front display the user can interrogate the ThermStopper and find out how much energy the unit is saving.

Savings of up to 30% in energy costs have been achieved using the ThermStopper, resulting in very short return on investment periods.

The ThermStopper also has a built-in infrared port to allow it to be connected to a PC. This is used mainly for updating the firmware or dowloading the data log, but can also be used to gain remote access to unit via a PC and as a result, via the internet. This allows remote monitoring or control of the unit.
ThermStopper also helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a major cause of global warming, which are produced by the burning of fossil fuels.


Mains Supply 230V AC 50Hz 1Ph
Consumption 3VA
Switching Mode Volt Free SPST relay
Switching Current 5 Amp
Standard Equipment :-
Main Controller (ThermStopper)
Flow Temperature Sensor
Return Temperature Sensor
Mains/Boiler Harness
Indicator Type 16x2 character LCD with backlight
User interface Interactive Menu
Dimensions (WxHxD) 160mm x 90mm x 50mm
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